Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Spring 2015 Couture

   So this post is long overdue, I've been sooo busy lately it's actually kind of crazy how busy I've been! I just went back to school recently and all I've been doing is studying, going to school, and work. Somehow college makes you rethink that having an actual life is unnecessary (*sarcasm). But anyways, in January the new designer collections came out for Spring 2015 Couture and can I say some of these collections make me have nightmares (in a good way), not because they're not good, Oh No! But because they're just so perfect and dreamy and expensive that I can't have them...hahaha. I just fell in love with some of the collections and especially the gowns. My only hope is that since I can't wear these gowns I will get to see some of my favorite celebrities wear some of these during red carpets. Nevertheless, my favorite designer collection was the CHANEL collection, I had several others to but I would never finish this post if I listed all of them. Anyways, those CHANEL beanies with the floral embellishments were so creative and so pretty! I have always loved the idea of any kind of embellishment on any type of clothing and accessory. Aside from the very cute accessories I also loved the clothing, which also had embellishments of its own. The dresses with the floral appliqués were so ethereal I had to recreate them in paintings. Not only is CHANEL my favorite because of the clothing itself but because I love how much time, effort and creativity is put into the actual show. The creative team for CHANEL always gives such a visually appealing impression to its spectators. Here are some pics of some of my favorite pieces from the collection. Maybe I'll do a post about my paintings another time, for now enjoy.

The pastel colors are so whimsical.

The floral detail is so intricate and the bold colors make this perfect.

This dress is my ultimate favorite

I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of this dress on the red carpet!

The detail is unbelievable.

Images's Source: Photographer: Kim WestonArnold

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